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EZ-Guide® 250

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EZ-Guide® 250
  • EZ-Guide® 250

Trimble's EZ-Guide 250 is an entry-level lightbar that offers high-quality guidance capabilities with a common-sense interface and color screen. The EZ-Guide 250 comes ready to operate right out of the box with a quick do it yourself installation. The EZ-Guide 250 uses 15 LED lights and a bright 4.3” color screen, making it easy to know what you've done and where you are in the field at a glance. Choose from two different views the overhead view that shows you where you are and where you have been, or choose the perspective view. With NightMode you can work around the clock when field work needs to be done. All new mapping features allow you to record the location of obstacles and hazards with point, line, and area mapping. With a built-in GPS receiver you can reach sub-meter accuracy, and upgrade to the AG15 antenna and get 6-8” accuracy making the 250 a great buy for broad acre crop applications. Take your EZ-Guide 250 to the next level and add the AgGPS EZ-Steer assisted steering system. Using the EZ-Steer you will reduce fatigue from working long hours, and allow you to focus on your current task. Once your work is done transfer your data from the 250 to your desktop computer using a USB flash drive and print coverage maps and reports.

Guidance patterns available on EZ-Guide 250

  • Adaptive Curve
  • Identical Curve
  • Headland Pattern
  • Center Pivot
  • A-B Pattern A+ Pattern
  • FreeForm Pattern

EZ-Guide 250 Additional Advantages

  • Add EZ-Steer 500 assisted steering
  • Upgrade to 6”-8” pass-to-pass accuracy with the AG15 Antenna kit
  • Mounts using a simple-to-install RAM mount
  • Automatically locate stored fields as you drive near them with Trimble FieldFinder technology
  • Switch to NightMode for better visibility at night


v3.10 Firmware

Manual and Release notes for v3.10