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Field Level II

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Field Level II
  • Field Level II

The Trimble® WM-Drain™ farm drainage solution is a concept to completion toolset that
streamlines the survey, analysis, design, installation, and mapping steps of surface and
subsurface drainage. WM-Drain ensures optimal 3D drain placement, which improves crop
yields by controlling ponding, optimizing root depth, maximizing planting seasons, and
minimizing nutrient loss.

Collect 3D field data with ease by using the FmX® integrated display.
• Utilize the touchscreen simplicity of the FmX display to record the boundaries and interior
data of the field
• Record section lines along the alignments where you wish to install drains, and
complete the design and installation without having to leave the cab
• Use a Trimble Autopilot™, EZ-Pilot™ or EZ-Steer® steering system to guide your vehicle
and ensure adequate field coverage

Analyze the 3D field data using Farm Works™ Surface software to make
better-informed drainage decisions.
• View data from any angle and exaggerate the vertical to visualize the shape and slopes of the field
• Determine the various watershed zones of the field to assist with main, submain, and lateral pipe placement
• Configure contours at any interval to display the topography and relative elevations
• Enable flow arrows and tributary lines to assist with tracing the natural surface water flows
• View the field analysis over the top of aerial images to review your data in another context

Design and verify a complete 3D drainage system using Surface
software, or design drainage lines on-the-go without having to
leave your vehicle.
• Position the drain lines horizontally based on the results from the
different analysis views
• Utilize the Farm Works drawing tools to tie laterals to mains, create parallel lateral
spacings, and clip drainage lines
• Allow Autoslope to produce optimal depth designs resulting in a consistent water
table, which minimizes nutrient loss
• Verify that the pipe network will successfully drain to the main outlet before
beginning the installation
• Utilize the Autoslope functionality in the FmX display for an on-the-go solution

Take your designs back to the field and utilize the WM-Drain module on the FmX display and Trimble’s 3D
machine control technology for precise installation of your pipe or surface ditches.
• Use WM-Drain with any type of drainage plow—self-propelled, pull-type, chain or wheel trenchers, ditchers, scrapers, or any other water
management implement
• Control the depth automatically, ensuring pipe and ditches are installed to the design
• For perfect pitch at the outlet, ensure the boot pitch is correct before starting the installation
• Control the boot pitch automatically for parallel link and double link plows, providing complete control of the machine and ensuring the best
accuracy available
• Switch to Point and Slope mode using pitch control during RTK dropouts to ensure completion of drainage runs in adverse satellite conditions
• Utilize GNSS RTK combined with T3™ Enhanced Terrain Compensation Technology for roll-corrected 3D positioning
• Recalculate designs on-the-go when the plow hits unexpected underground obstacles
• Monitor your depth, location, and slope in real time during the installation process
• Map the as-applied drainage lines while installing to keep as a record for aiding with invoicing and locating installed pipes in the future
• Choose Point and Slope mode for a manual slope and depth drainage installation