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FmX display
  • FmX display

Trimble’s FmX integrated display can handle all your precision ag needs.  The industry leading dual GPS+GLONASS receiver allows you to guide, map, and control both the vehicle and the implement. The FmX supports Autopilot™, EZ-Steer®, TrueTracker™, FieldLevel II, EZ-Boom®, Tru Count clutches, Field IQ application control, and Tru Application Control™ systems.

Performance Highlights:

  • Largest color touch screen available (12.1” / 30.73 cm)
  • Virtual light bar gives you quick on-line feedback
  • Integrated 450 or 900 MHz radios and external video input
  • Two GPS+GLONASS receivers means precision with the vehicle and the working implement behind the tractor— where it really matters
  • Toggle between plan and 3D views or zoom in/out with just a tap of your finger
  • The AgGPS® FmX™ integrated display supports every application offered by Trimble


Expand your productivity by:

  • Adding the AgGPS Autopilot automated steering system providing one inch repeatability from plant to harvest in any field pattern.
  • Adding the AgGPS TrueTracker implement steering system keeps implements on a repeatable path, even on extremely sloped fields and variable soils.
  • Adding the AgGPS FieldLevel II water management system which helps keep water costs down and efficiently distributes water by maintaining grade.
  • Using the EZ-Office desktop software to manage record keeping and reporting.
  • Adding the Field IQ application control system keeps your input costs down with automatic section control.


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