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Frame Mounted Plows

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Frame Mounted Plows
  • Frame Mounted Plows

Maximum Cut 7' 8"

Pulls up to 12" Tile


Maximum Cut 7 feet
Pulls up to 12" Tile

This new Frame Mounted Plow is designed to be used with large 4-wheel or large track machines. (either rubber or steel track)

  • The sub-frame is to be mounted on the tractor and left on, as it has it’s own draw bar to pull other implement. Once the sub-frame is mounted on the tractor, it takes only about 10 minutes to connect or disconnect the plow.
  • The small cylinder can run on float, static lift, or static down pressure.
  • The large, top cylinder is used to control depth by changing the attitude of the point.
  • The Frame Mounted Plow has as much as 14 feet left to right swing with the swing cylinder. Use the swing cylinder to turn in rough conditions. Normally the swing cylinder can run on float in good tiling conditions.
  • Now with Caterpillar excavator tooth replaceable boot point