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InCommand 1200

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InCommand 1200
  • InCommand 1200

Your All In One Display

 can do it all.

Our smartest, simplest, most flexible display ever. Loaded with advanced features and user-friendly functionality you've come to expect from Ag Leader.


  • Tablet-like interaction
  • Touch and go homescreen apps
  • Split screen view
  • Row by row mapping
  • Integrated lightbar
  • Advanced planter control
  • Year-round functionality
  • ISOBUS/Universal Terminal/Task Controller
  • WiFi adapter included
  • Syncs data, maps with iPad using AgFiniti Mobile




View two maps at once
InCommand 1200 can do it all.

 With split screen view, you are presented the information you need to see in order for easier instantaneous decision- making.

 Monitor guidance and Universal Terminal at same time or planter monitoring and down force simultaneously. Or  current and historical information... the choice is yours.






Easily Identify Planter Issues
No need to use an iPad just to view a map!


View row by row planting activity with guidance right on your precision farming display - no iPad® required to view a  map! That's the power of InCommand.

 Pair InCommand 1200 with SeedCommand™ for section control, variable rate drives, Hydraulic Down Force, planter  monitoring, liquid starter control and more!