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Orthman 1tRIPr

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Orthman 1tRIPr Orthman 1tRIPr Orthman 1tRIPr
  • Orthman 1tRIPr
  • Orthman 1tRIPr
  • Orthman 1tRIPr

The Orthman 1tRIPr is the premier strip-til bar on the market with its versatility and field work efficiency. The 1tRIPr is just that a one trip across the field tool that will combine multiple tasks into one extremely efficient pass. Add the Atlas cart for dry or liquid fertilizer and get the most productivity out of the 1tRIPr. The 1tRIPr pre-plant tillage combines proven strip-till soil management, precision nutrient placement, and seedbed preparation all in a single pass. Orthman's parallel linkage tillage allows for smooth operation and precise consistent placement of valuable fertilizers. With its precision depth adjustments the 1tRIPr will break apart root zone compaction for early crop development with minimal disturbance. This tool is ideal for pre-plant field preparation whether your planting begins in wheat stubble, standing corn stalks, or slicing through cover crop, the 1tRIPr will prepare a clean, level, ideally prepared seedbed.

1tRIPr field capabilities

  • Using guidance plant accurately in each strip made
  • Add an Atlas cart and apply liquid or dry fertilizer accurately in each row
  • Precisely apply nitrogen in each strip
  • Create an ideal seedbed to increase early crop development to increase your yields
  • Available in 4 to 16 row units