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StorMax handheld grain temperature and grain moisture monitoring gives you the peace-of-mind of knowing what's happening inside your bin. Plug in the StorMax handheld monitor and easily access grain temperature data, moisture readings and more, taken from the temperature cables and/or moisture cables situated at strategic locations inside the bin. Highly accurate digital data regarding grain condition gives you the information you need to determine when and how long to run your grain bin aeration fans to minimize shrink and spoilage.

The StorMax monitor is highly functional, with a convenient single plug-in for multiple temperature cables and/or moisture cables and features a screen that displays up to 32 sensors at one time for quick analysis. The StorMax monitor also stores all readings so you can measure long-term trends. Plus, you have 2 different monitor options: the DM (Delux Model) and the SM (Standard Model). Each monitor allows you to store up to a year's worth of data either graphically or numerically. The difference is that the DM Monitor features a back-lit screen and KITA for PC plug-in and battery re-charging.

StorMax is the perfect grain temperature and moisture monitoring solution for facilities with 100,000 bushels or less of grain storage, or for storage that covers a large-scale area. StorMax is a completely expandable solution, so as your needs change you can easily upgrade to a fully automated IntegrisBasic or IntegrisPro system.