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Trimble Autopilot
  • Trimble Autopilot

The Trimble Autopilot system has set the standards for high accuracy steering systems. The Autopilot system plumbs directly into the vehicles hydraulic system. Trimble uses a wheel angle sensor and T3 terrain compensation for unmatched performance on all types of terrain. Autopilot systems free you to concentrate on in-field applications such as bed preparation, planting, spraying, spreading, cultivating, and even harvesting! From strip till, no till, irrigation, or dry farm, the Autopilot systems will reduce driver stress and save time and money.

Product Features and benefits

  • The Trimble AgGPS Autopilot™ automated steering system will automatically steer your vehicle at one inch repeatability from plant to harvest in any field pattern. The Autopilot system will extend your operating hours so you can work when you need to, it will maximize the precision of your rows, and even decrease fuel and input costs.
  • Simple to use—the Autopilot system connects to your vehicle’s power steering system, then using the in-cab display you can select from straight, curve, pivot, and headland field patterns and view the system operating. Once the Autopilot system lines up the vehicle at the beginning of a row, the automated steering guides the vehicle smoothly while the display provides visual feedback on your course—it’s that simple.
  • Works on all terrain—T3™ terrain compensation technology ensures the AgGPS Autopilot system works on slopes and rough terrain. Inertial measurement technology corrects for roll, pitch, and yaw 
to ensure you are where you want to be, even in the roughest ground conditions.

Nav 2 Firmware v5.20