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With Norac's UC4+ boom height controller spraying becomes much simpler. When operating a sprayer manually in uneven terrain it may require your speed to decrease to allow you to manually adjust the height of your boom. This is no longer a problem with the UC4+, spray at a constant speed and apply the correct rate to get the best results possible. The UC4+ maintains the booms at a preset height regulating the spray nozzles at the recommended height above the ground or crops, in result you receive the optimum spray pattern to disperse chemicals evenly and reduce drift. Many factors hinder the amount of time an individual can spray, with the UC4+ spraying hours can be extended by reducing operator fatigue from constantly controlling the height of the boom. Extend your spraying hours into the night as well, the ultrasonic sensors use sonar to keep your boom at the optimal height allowing your spraying operation to work all hours of the day.

Key features of the UC4+

  • Fast & reliable
  • More efficient use of chemicals
  • Reduces operator stress and fatigue
  • Spray day or night
  • Avoid boom damage and down time
  • Accurate and smooth spraying